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The Universal working centre JAZZ, was created to satisfy any kind of need for high dynamic process.
The machine is built on a structural base where there are the two main working supports, one being the fixed table and the second being the tilting rotary table (axis C + B).
The X axis is assembled on a carriage that is moved by a screw assembling on linear rails; on this carriage the Y axis RAM is mounted. The movement of this is by the same system, ball screw and linear rails.
The spindle (opt. electro spindle) is fastened in a structure that is fixed frontally to the RAM onto the carriages of a third set of linear rails and again moved by a ball screw.
There is no balance cylinder fitted in order to guarantee high dynamic machine speed but for safety to be paramount, the Z axis is assembled with an integral security brake motor.
The tool magazine is fixed onto the base to the left hand side of the machine and in standard version is fitted with 40, ISO40 or HSK63 tool holding positions.
In the standard configuration optical scales and encoder on rotative axes are not provided: the building of this system already provides a good mechanical accuracy.
For a better accuracy is available as option an accuracy kit.
The working area of the machine is enclosed as standard via vertical protective bellows at the rear of the work table and horizontal protective bellows on the roof of the machine.
The new JAZZ L has a longer dimension to allow the installation of a bigger fixed table, being 1250 x 600 mm instead of 800 x 600 mm.
Such new configuration, as development of Jazz, was projected with 2 sliding doors instead of 1, with the opportunity to work in pendular, increasing the flexibility of the machine.
As additional option, removable sub table is available to be assembled on fixed table of both models.
It allows to set up a tailstock with thickness of 210 mm to machine shafts, fixed on the rotary table in vertical position.
- High flexibility;
40 (60 opt.) position tool magazine with fast change;
- Frontal protection with double wall for the X and Y axes protection;
- Simplicity in the construction and for intervention;
- Integral chip conveyor;
- Ability to hold large work piece on a small machine via the fixed and rotary tables.



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