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DERBY 3, 4 E 5 AX 300 / 400 - ISO40 E ISO50
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Moving column machining center (3, 4 and 5 axis)
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The DERBY working center is born by the great experience acquired by Fagima with travelling column machining centers.
It has been studied in every detail and it distinguishes itself thanks to the high stiffness of the structures and for the absence of any deflection of Y axis.
In particular in the enhanced version with electrospindle, tilting head, built-in rotary table, the versatility and potentiality of the machine grant the highest performances and the best results.
The rapid and fast accelerations enable cycle times reductions. The 300 version is certainly the most balanced one.
Designed with a modular Y axis it keeps a Z axis stroke of 800 mm (940 mm with head in horizontal position).
The structure is made by a monolithic electrowelded bed (with annexed cast iron table) with high loading capacity without the needs of very complex foundations. The column-holder carriage slides on it, through roller guideways (X,Y and Z axes have such kind of guideways).
In the column are housed the tools magazine and the exchanging arm.
The tools magazine is available with 30 or 45 tools with ISO 40, BT 40 and HSK63 taper versions.
Upon request, it is possible to supply a larger number of tools in rack type magazine (on the ground) or to realize customized configurations.
The column has been studied to grant the highest rigidity of the spindle-holder head.
The machine is equipped with 2 sliding doors to allow the operator the pendular working processes in safety
A great care was reserved in selection of all components to assure the highest reliability.
The field of application ranges from aerospace, maritime and energy to the mechanical sector in general.

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