BIMU 2018

Fagima will attend next BIMU exhibition in Milan from 9th to 13th October, at Italian distributor RF CELADA booth, where a JazzL 5axis will be shown:
Pad 11
Stand D66 - E143
Customers and Visitors are invited to visit us



   During next Mecspe Exhibition which will take place in Parma from March 22nd to 24th, Fagima will be 
present with 2 different machines. At new Italian distributor CELADA booth (Pav. 3 stand B37) the KREOS 270 5-axis mobile column model
will be exhibited, carrying some new features. While a fully automatized JazzR will be exhibited in Hall 4, where the event "Salone Fabbrica Digitale"
was organized by the SENAF / Heidenhain collaboration.
   As reported by our CEO Massimo Falchini "We are sincerely happy and proud to have been asked by 
Heidenhain to participate in this event. Our satisfaction has a double aspect, first of all as Italian manufacturer have been called upon for an
event of such importance that makes of technological innovation object and prerogative, and also
because our JazzR, best seller since its launch on the market, it is the only 5-axis machine in this event,
since the other 2 machines, one Italian and one of far eastern origin, are 3-axis models.
We will therefore be happy to receive all our customers and visitors at the above mentioned stations."


On next week in Pordenone, Fagima will attend SAMUMETAL exhibition
showing a JAZZL 5ax machine.

JAZZL introduced in the market in 2016 and well known for its versatility
thanks to combination of a fixed table with a tilting rotary table (max
loading capacity 500 kg) and for is reliability, is the machine mostly exported,
from USA to China, from Sweden to Spain Germany, Poland, Swiss.

For more information, please download Jazz catalogue from following link:


Mr. Giuliano Poletti, Italian Minister of Labor visiting FAGIMA

Having learned of the recent start up of our second production site in the province of Modena, last Monday 22nd January, the Italian Minister of Labour and Social Policies, Mr. Giuliano Poletti (in picture the second from the right) visited FAGIMA.

He spent the whole morning and aftenoon at our facilities in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (Florence) discussing with workers, engineers and management.
Showing a large knowledge in mechanic, he congratulated the owners for the sophisticated 5 axis milling machines, Industry 4.0 ready, produced by FAGIMA and for the good results faced in Italy and overseas even in competing with bigger worldwide brands.


New model KREOS introduced on the market

FAGIMA is glad to announce the introduction on the market of the new model KREOS, a 3,4,5 axis machining center with moving column. 3 available sizes on X stroke: 1600, 2700 and 4000 mm.
Such new model fits in the range Fagima between Jazz and Derby, having 800 mm strokes on both Y and Z axis.

The new KREOS introduces interesting innovations that are evident especially with the new head and the new tool magazine equipped with a picking apparatus and an exchanging arm with double-contiguous housing. 
Interesting and valuable the easy access to the working area which allows the rotation of pieces with 1100 mm diameter.


JazzL at Prodex exhibition in Basel

Fagima JazzL will be shown during Prodex exhibition at stand A04 / Halle 1.0 of our distributor VFM.
We will be pleased to introduce our machine to all visitors. 


Next BIMU exhibition in Milan 4th - 8th October 2016

We are glad to confirm our participation at next BIMU exhibition.
Everybody is welcome at our stand B18-C21 in Pav. 13 where we will show Dominus 4000 and JazzL both equipped with new CNC Heidenhain TNC640. 


JAZZR 60 SE at MECSPE exhibition in Parma

A special version of JAZZR will be shown during next MECSPE exhibition which will take place in Parma from 17th to 19th March.
The machine will be at Overmach (Italian distributor of Fagima) booth. 


JAZZ L at METAV exhibition in Dusseldorf

JAZZ L of FAGIMA continues in facing remarkable success everywhere.
LERBS sole ditributor of Fagima machines will show an unit of JazzL at its stand during next Metav exhibition which will take place in Dusseldorf from 23rd to 27th February 2016. 

Everybody is welcome to see JazzL.



The BIG has come

Last week a new Dominus Big 6000 (6000 x 1200 x H 1500 mm) with universal milling head birotative indexed 1°/1°  was finished and tested at Fagima plant.

Geometric test session and machining ones were positive with large satisfaction of Customer.

The machine on next week will be partially disassembled and shipped to Holland where will be installed by beginning of 2016.

Here the links for the video of test:


FAGIMA attend exhibitions in Chonqing district / PRC

Company Yunnan Giantech Automation Engineering, distributor of FAGIMA products all over PRC, is attending exhibitions taking place during September in Chongqing district.
Chongqing distric is an important productive region of China with a lot of industrial areas.
FAGIMA products, Made in Italy, are facing a very large success especially with the new products JazzR and JazzL. 


FAGIMA at EMO 2015

We are glad to confirm our attendance at EMO 2015, worldwide machine tools exhibition which will take place in Milan in the period 5th - 10th October 2015.

Customers, Distributors and Visitors are welcome at our stand Pad 1 - B35, where our models DERBY 5AX and JAZZL will be shown.


JAZZL at MAQUINSER open house in Madrid on next 1st and 2nd July

MAQUINSER SA well known machine tools distributor in the Iberian peninsula and official partner of Fagima, will introduce the new JAZZL during the next Open House to be held at their premises in Madrid on the next 1 and 2 July,
wish to thank MAQUINSER for the usual professionalism and for the daily commitment in promoting FAGIMA, wishing them the largest success for the event.


JazzR with pallet changer system

Last week the installation of a JazzR with automatic pallet changer system was completed at Customer plant in Modena.



MECSPE Exhibition in Parma

FAGIMA will attend next MECSPE Exhibition which will take place in Parma from 26th to 28th March.
Everybody is invited to visit us at our stand B49 - Pav 2, where the new JazzL will be shown. 


Partnership agreement for distribution in Holland and Belgium

We are pleased to announce the achievement of the partnership agreement 
for the distribution of our products in Holland and Belgium through the retailer
PROMAS is distributor of machine tools largely skilled and well known in its Country.
We thank all PROMAS staff in promoting with competence and professionalism
FAGIMA brand and products.

Special Derby 9000 produced and shipped overseas

We are glad to announce that some days ago the special machine Derby 9000 was shipped to end user and destined to machine parts of aircraft. FAGIMA acquired the important order of such machine on last Spring, beating the competition of the most important producer of machine tools, both European and Asiatic.

Customer was convinced by the renowed high quality of FAGIMA products, but also by the huge flexibility and the ability of our technical department to find the best solutions in the shortest time.

In fact Derby 9000 was designed, manufactured and tested in less than 6 months.

Mr Massimo Falchini, FAGIMA's Managing Director, proudly manifested his satisfaction, stating that success is the result of strong collaboration between all departments of the Company  which "...ever as in this challenging project, showed  such remarkable cohesion necessary to achieve the objective".


New Turning / Milling system kit for DERBY and DOMINUS

Thanks to the assiduous activity of research and development carried out by our technical department, working closely with external engineering firms , FAGIMA will soon release the new package of turning / milling which will be available on all models of Derby and Dominus.

The new system consists of an electrospindle (with Hirth gear), a head (with Hirth gear) and a rotary table, which combined with the clamping system made by Bosch Rexroth AG, provides the best performance even in the most stressful processings.
It is also offered a selection of tool holder among CaptoC6, CaptoC8 and HSK100.

A high quality with excellent performances at a very competitive price. For a quotation contact us at


JAZZ R and JAZZ L a success at BIMU

The two new models produced by FAGIMA, the presentation of which was anticipated some time ago, faced a really large success during last BIMU exhibition in Milan.
Huge number of visitors came to see Jazz L and Jazz R, manifesting their sincere compliments.
Such success was determined by the versatility of these machines, as well as the quality and the unique design, associated to the rich equipment available since the standard configuration.
All under the guarantee of the genuine Made in Italy brand.

We sincerely wish to thank all visitors we met at our stand, granting to us their trust.

For any information you may need, please feel free to contact us at



Fagima model Jazz at "IMTS" exhibition in Chicago.

Booth W2436 – West building.


BIMU 2014

We are glad to announce our attending to next BIMU exhibition which will take place in Milan from 30th September up to 4th October.

FAGIMA will be honored to receive Guests and Visitors at stand Pavillion 13 - C19, where 2 new machines will be shown.
Such new products represent the development of JAZZ, the machine which was introduced in September 2013 and which experienced such large success among our Customers since its presentation.


FAGIMA 2014 new products JAZZ L 5ax and JAZZ R 5ax

Thanks to feedbacks of our Customers shared with our technical department; FAGIMA is going to introduce 2 new machines on the market, configuring a JAZZl product line.

So while in the month of April JAZZ L5ax was introduced, during May the final design of JAZZ R5ax was released.
Both machines are beautifully designed and entirely produced in Italy at
FAGIMA premises.

The 2 new machines have peculiar characteristics suitable to perform certain tasks.
JAZZ L5ax follows the concept of JAZZ, with a swivel rotary table (600 x 600 mm) and a fixed table, now with lenght of 1250 mm (instead of 800) and a stroke of 2000 mm X ( instead of 1550) .
Such configuration allowed the installation of two frontal sliding doors, giving the possibility (this the main feature of JAZZ L5ax) to operate in pendular.
For such purpose a kit is available and provides a wall and a tool changer with 30 additional positions to be arranged on the right side of the machine (in addition to the the standard one having 40 positions and assemplbed on the left side of the machine) .

Differently JAZZ R5ax having a reduced lenght, is equipped with a single swivel rotary table (600 x 600 mm).
Its peculiarity is the predisposition of a door on the right side (in addition to the front) which allows even the lateral load of the work pieces.

In this way it is possoble the loading throug automation systems with pallet changer.

FAGIMA also offers various solutions in this context with dedicated systems combined with special tool magazines.

Both machines are fitted with a spindle 12000 griri, Heidenhain control iTCN530 , total closure .

Here are the links to download presentations of products (copy and past them into your browser)

Fagima sign sales contracts and distribution agreement in PR China

Fagima has recently signed important sales contracts with private Chinese company located in Gaomy (Shandong). Such contracts are the basis for a collaboration agreement till 2020.

In the same time Fagima has defined a distribution agreement with an important Chinese Company, daughet Company of AVIC a very big Company with half million collaborators and with HQ located in the city of Beijing.
The distribution will be focused on 5 axis moving column products and the new Jazz before to be used at AVIC facilities, will be shown at CIMES International exhibition in Beijing, on next June 2014.


Fagima JAZZ at CIMES of Beijing

The new model JAZZ introduced on the market in September 2013 will be exhibited at the next CIMES Fair in Beijing from 18th to 22nd June, 2014.
The machine will be shown at Hall W1 stand D601 by Company AVIC distributor of FAGIMA products in China.

CIMES exhibition is the 3rd worldwide most important fair for machine tools and covers about 120,000 square meters.

The considerable success faced by the new model JAZZ (completely designed and manufactured in Italy) already largely equipped in the standard version, will bring to enlarge very soon the range with the introduction of 2 new models "L" and "R", in trying to meet more and more the needs of the end user.

In the next days a pre-view will be available.



We will attend next Exhibition MECSPE in Parma, from March 27th till March 29th 2014.
You are kindly invited to visit us at our st
and C14 - Pavillon 5, where we will show the working center "Fagima model JAZZ".



FAGIMA takes the utmost care in packing machines, for transportation on the National and International territory, to preserve the integrity of the products, and to avoid any damage.




Today we shipped to the distributor MATER - Máquinas e Tecnologia Industrial, S.A. one Derby 300 5 ax .



As a result of the partnership agreement for the exclusive distribution of machines in Sweden, Lichron AB  has acquired a high-performance Derby 300, 5ax shipped today.



As a result of the positive experiences of sale in Canada, with few "Dominus" models, we shipped the first "KS" .




The partnership agreement with the Company LICHRON AB has been reached for the exclusive distribution of Fagima products in the whole Sweden.
LICHRON AB is a distributor of machine tools well known and well established in Sweden.



OPEN HOUSE PARMA 11-19 October 2013